Top 3 Environmental Reasons to install Artificial Turf

Top 3 Environmental Reasons to install Artificial Turf

Some people may ask ‘why install synthetic grass when I have a beautiful yard already?’ There are many factors that are involved with maintaining a natural grass lawn: water, pests and maintenance. When you fire up that lawn mower or spend an extra 30 minutes watering the lawn or are fighting off garden pests, take a moment to consider synthetic grass. These problems not only affect you, but also the environment around you and your local community. Here are a couple of reasons how installing synthetic grass can help the environment:

1.)    Water:

In the coming years, water conservation will become more crucial as resources continue to become more valuable. Consider this: if installing synthetic grass can save you 55 gallons of water per square foot in one year, imagine the total amount of savings you have not only in your wallet, but also for the local ground water supply! According to the U.S. Geological Survey, droughts continue to plague water supplies across the nation, including the rapid decrease of local water supply levels. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a household’s irrigation water use can be as high as 60 percent. Landscape irrigation is estimated to account for one-third of all residential water use, accumulating to almost 9 billion gallons per day. When you install synthetic grass in your lawn, not only can you still keep the natural aesthetic, you can also save you and your community a ton (literally) of water!

2.)    Pesticides

Pesticides and herbicides come in all forms and have a varying degree of unhealthy affects you can experience. When you apply pesticides to your application, the chemicals are absorbed into the water table through runoff. Help alleviate harmful pesticides and other chemicals from entering our water supply! When you install synthetic grass, all of our products are safe and non-toxic for children, pets and the environment.

3.)    Noxious Emissions:

Tired of waking up to the sound of lawn mowers at 7 a.m.? Not only is this annoying, but more importantly, the carbon monoxide emitted from these gas-powered machines as well as other gardening equipment causes harmful affects to the ozone layer. According to the EPA, a push lawnmower emits as much pollution in one hour as 11 cars traveling on the road. This represents five percent of our U.S. air pollution and plays a part in smog production! Help reduce carbon emissions and sleep in for a change! When you install synthetic turf, you will help improve air quality. Every little bit counts!

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