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We offer synthetic grass that can cut your water bill and help bring back the green to your yard or office. Many of our customers say they save up to 75% on their water bills after installing our turf products. A fake grass backyard has become so real looking that…

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9 Advantages of Using Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

So many people are turning to artificial grass as a solution to their lawn woes. Often times, the benefits clearly outweigh the initial cost—as it saves countless hours and money regarding upkeep. It can help to improve one’s own lifestyle as well as the impact on…

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Top 3 Environmental Reasons to install Artificial Turf

Some people may ask ‘why install synthetic grass when I have a beautiful yard already?’ There are many factors that are involved with maintaining a natural grass lawn: water, pests and maintenance. When you fire up that lawn mower or spend an extra 30 minutes wate…

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Pet Turf: Clean and Safe for your Fur-Babies


Over the years we have installed numerous applications of our highly rated pet turf. Some of those applications include backyard dog runs, dog kennel turf, dog park turf, patio grass for dogs and more. Our fake grass is ideal for …

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