Pet Turf: Clean and Safe for your Fur-Babies

Pet Turf: Clean and Safe for your Fur-Babies


Over the years we have installed numerous applications of our highly rated pet turf. Some of those applications include backyard dog runs, dog kennel turf, dog park turf, patio grass for dogs and more. Our fake grass is ideal for dog owners because it keeps cool in the summer, doesn’t stain like natural grass, is extremely easy to clean, and it saves users time and money on maintenance.

Artificial Grass Pet Turf

Without a doubt, the best possible option for most homeowners who have regular jobs and don’t want to spend extra energy, time, and money dealing with maintenance and pest control. Synthetic turf is a wonderful option if you are sick and tired of dealing with a live lawn. Many families are installing pet turf these days, and there are plenty of good reasons why it’s a trending option.

Pet turf is the definitive dog lover’s dream. They don’t have to worry about brown spots on the grass or bare patches. And dogs rarely dig into artificial grass.

Artificial grass is simple to clean after your pet uses it as a restroom. It has a smooth and level surface that makes it safe for children to play on.

An added benefit of artificial grass is that after your dog goes outside and plays, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up patches of mud or blades of grass off of your wood floor. You will want to use a deodorizer designed to absorb the odor of pet urine.

Turf Tampa offers an anti-microbial turf that solves this problem before it even arises so you don’t have to worry about odors.

If you are concerned about aesthetics, pet turf does not look like Astroturf. It looks and feels like natural grass .

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