Pet Turf

Pet Turf

This system is specifically developed for your four-legged friends! It is a safe, fun and low-maintenance area for you and your pets.

From a residential backyard to large commercial projects pet turf has really come on strong in the last few years as a great alternative to real grass. It will eliminate holes in the yard caused by weather or your dog and allows for intense play like running, starting and stopping. While dogs are man's (or women's) best friends they do make their share of messes. Installing artificial dog turf can help with that clean up by simply rinsing the turf off or picking up they poop.

The process to install synthetic pet grass can be tricky, the base materials need to drain. There's multiple ways to install dog turfdepending on the site location. This is where you need someone like Turf Tampa to come in and look at the proposed areas to determine the best products to use. While artificial grass in your yard without pets may be almost maintenance free. Dog grass needs some TLC to help maintain its peak performance. Picking up your dogs waste and periodic watering will help get the most out of your new pet turf. There's many products out now to help clean the turf if we go months with little to no rain.

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