Residential Lawns

Residential Lawns

Keeping up the curb appeal at one's home or business is tough. We offer synthetic grass ideas that can cut your water bill and help bring back the green to your yard or office. Many of our customers say they save up to 75% on their water bills after installing our turf products. A fake grass backyard has become so real looking that the stigma of installing a Brady Bunch backyard is a thing of the past. The fibers in today's fake grass are multi color with brownish thatch undertones to match our natural grasses in Florida. With our turfs it's hard to tell the difference if it is real or artificial grass while walking past. Preparation is key for an artificial grass lawn to perform and last for years to come. Most manufacturers look at a 25 to 30 year lifespan for artificial lawns. The base materials should be installed to drain while staying compact. Silica sands are broomed into the synthetic turfblades to create a ballast, stand the blades up and protect the turf backing over time.

Most calls we get are from people not able to grow grass in shaded or heavy traffic areas, they are looking to stop mowing their own yard or stop paying a mow and go company for weekly service.

We install quality artificial turf products manufactured in the USA that carry a 10 year flat warranty or a 15 year pro rated warranty. Over the last 14 years we can count on one hand the number of warranty issues we have had with the artificial grass actually needing to be replaced. The turf manufacturers had new synthetic grass in days for those few instances that it did need replacing. The majority of the time any issues are created by an irrigation pipe leaking, running a new gas line or some other reason the turf was uninstalled and reinstalled by others in a section. If you are looking to upgrade your yard with artificial grass in the Greater Tampa Bay area please call us today, 813.468.4939 ! We love what we do and it shows

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